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Healthy, Romantic Treats for Your Special Someone

by Jen Galikon February 16, 2015
Very rarely will you come across a wrong time of year for some healthy romantic treats. Food has a unique way of bringing loved ones together. It does not matter whether these foods were purchased, baked yourself or crafted together with the one you love. What can make these delightful, love-filled delicacies even better is […]

10 Reasons Dating a Gamer Rocks!

by MyaSharonaon September 13, 2011
So it’s 2011 and suddenly being a geek became the ‘cool’ thing to do. Mainstream acceptance of comic book, sci-fi, and tech loving folk has not only made so-called geeks feel more comfortable with their place in society, but now a days it is hard not to find a person who won’t profess their nerdish tendencies about something in particular (and yes regular video game players somehow seem to fall...