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Benefits of Eating in Season

by Stefani Pappason March 23, 2014
With spring finally here, it’s the perfect time to find food in season that have the most flavor, the highest nutritional value, and are the most affordable. Changing of the seasons provides a variety of amazing foods that are in their optimal nutrition zone. Beautiful spring weather is a reminder that it is important to […]

Stef’s Survival Guide to Holiday Traveling

by Stefani Pappason December 1, 2013
The holidays are a time of hustle and bustle, and many people are frequently traveling to reunite with loved ones. Whether you’re juggling connecting flights or taking the bus home from college, traveling can make healthy eating challenging. Not only can traveling quickly drain your energy, but it can also get you out of your […]

Suggestion Sunday: L-O-V-E

by Brittanyfon December 11, 2011
We love gaming. We love our family. We love working out. We love our kids. We love our PS3, Xbox, and Wii. We love the weather.

Suggestion Sunday: Clean out your Medicine Cabinet

by Brittanyfon October 2, 2011
After recently being sick, and I discovered ALL the old medicine I had in my medicine cabinet.