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Are You Getting Enough Sleep? [Challenge]

by Taji Deanon July 5, 2015
How many hours of sleep do we need? Research shows we need about 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep a night to be at our best. Many of us understand we need a good night’s sleep to function properly, but very few of us make it a priority to do so. It’s time to change […]

Give Your Immunity A Boost!

by Stefani Pappason February 27, 2013
Think of your immune system as your own personal army – it protects and guards your body against attack from things like bacteria and viruses. The immune system can remember certain infections so it is ready to attack them the next time they are encountered. However, when your immune system is not functioning at the […]


Summer’s Over…. Already

by Brittanyfon August 4, 2012
As we all know, summer is almost over. School supply shopping has started. Tax-free weekends are vast approaching. Since school is about to start, let’s prep for the school year. Mom and Dad, make your life a little easier by planning. I know we all may hate it, but it helps you in the end.

Rest and Recovery

by Jason Heilpernon March 14, 2012
Growing up I was never much of a person who enjoyed sleeping.  Its true you can ask my parents.  Every night was a fight to get me to go to bed.  As I got older I wasn’t much better.  I would stay up late into the night, finally fall asleep from exhaustion, then wake up early and try […]


Suggestion Sunday: Good Night’s Sleep

by Brittanyfon March 11, 2012
Sleep is something that we all need. We may not get much of it, but your body will shut down if you don't get some sleep. Sometimes you're just restless or have too much on your mind.