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Star Wars VII Gets an Official Title

by GeeLWon November 11, 2014
With the upcoming Star Wars film finally wrapping up shooting last weekend, it’s finally gotten an official title. Star Wars: The Force Awakened is the name, and as usual, some on the internet are already finding fault with this choice. Given that the film won’t be released for another thirteen months and not a single critic […]

Another Halo Trilogy?

by ZackCon March 14, 2012
DO IT RIGHT! On Halo Waypoint, Under the section titles Halo 4, it says that the newest game will be the start of a new trilogy.  Trilogies are perfectly fine if they are done right, however, it is very easy to screw up.  Look at the original Star Wars trilogy, they had a great stand […]


Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

by Rigogoon October 14, 2011
Star Wars fans are going to be really excited about this one. It seems as if the franchise has been in the works for a new title to come out on PC. Star Wars: The Old Republic is the new installment to the series. One thing that differs this game from the others is the […]