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Breckin Meyer Interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman

by Aaron Beckeron November 20, 2015
Breckin Meyer gets interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman at NY Comic Con 2015 Antwand asks Breckin Meyer several questions regarding Robot Chicken’s upcoming DC special.  In the interview Breckin states that he never wants his Star Wars experience spoiled for him.  Whenever he goes to see the latest episode, he wants to check it out […]

Disney Infinity 3.0 Boasts Cross-Over Star Wars Action

by Jen Galikon June 22, 2015
Disney Infinity has always been big on crossing over your favorite Disney characters in ways unlike any other kind of video game. With Star Wars becoming a part of the Disney family, it was only a matter of time before Disney Infinity decided to jump in on the lightsaber action. In Disney Infinity 3.0, you will […]

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Beyond

by Jen Galikon April 17, 2015
The Star Wars franchise is getting quite the reawakening now that it is owned by Disney. Fans will be seeing an all new film entry to the series as well as a reboot of the Battlefront video game series. When Disney first announced that they would be taking the reins of Star Wars, many fans […]
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Star Wars VII Gets an Official Title

by GeeLWon November 11, 2014
With the upcoming Star Wars film finally wrapping up shooting last weekend, it’s finally gotten an official title. Star Wars: The Force Awakened is the name, and as usual, some on the internet are already finding fault with this choice. Given that the film won’t be released for another thirteen months and not a single critic […]


Star Wars: Attack Squadron Gets Cancelled

by GamerFitnationon May 26, 2014
Disney Interactive announced recently that it’s going to pull the plug on the online game Star Wars: Attack Squadron. Stealing inspiration from the largely popular ‘Rogue Squadron’ series on N64 and Gamecube this online game would have you engaging in space battles in some of the most famous ships and locations from the Star Wars […]