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Fruit: to Drink or to Eat?

by Stefani Pappason February 9, 2014
You’re drinking a whole glass of orange juice with breakfast every morning and think that you are starting your day on a healthy note. Well, think again. Although fruit juice can be very convenient, a real piece of fruit is the healthier option. The juicing process destroys several of the beneficial compounds found in fruit, […]

Give Your Immunity A Boost!

by Stefani Pappason February 27, 2013
Think of your immune system as your own personal army – it protects and guards your body against attack from things like bacteria and viruses. The immune system can remember certain infections so it is ready to attack them the next time they are encountered. However, when your immune system is not functioning at the […]

Is it Time to Start Treating Sugar like a Drug?

by MyaSharonaon February 2, 2012
Is it Time to Start Treating Sugar like a Drug? You may have heard rumblings around the internet yesterday following the Wednesday issue of Nature, The International weekly journal of science. In an article by Robert Lustig MD, Laura Schmidt PhD, MSW, MPH, and Claire Brindis, DPH entitled Public health: The toxic truth about sugar, a bold […]

Gamer Recipes: Dairy-free Eggnog

by be_healthfulon December 27, 2011
Gamer Recipes Dairy-free Eggnog The process is simple enough, the ingredient list is short, and the end result is superb and so much healthier.

Gamer Recipes: Eggnog Smoothie (Easy)

by be_healthfulon December 20, 2011
Eggnog Smoothie. Go an extra step by turning your homemade eggnog into a delicious breakfast treat!