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Dead Island: Definitive Collection (Playstation 4) Review

by BillyNicholson June 7, 2016
Have you ever played a game that you’re totally into, but you cant help but feel like something is missing? As a reviewer, this has happened to me many times. I cannot tell you how often I wish a game was delayed for the purpose of betterment and polish. In the case of the Dead Island series, this was truly the case. I remember picking up the first title from Best Buy. So excited to play it, re...
Astro Dying Light A40 Dark Grey

Astro Dying Light A40: Fear Is Here!

by GeeLWon January 29, 2015
With Techland’s new open-world zombie game, Dying Light, now available, Astro Gaming is once again on the case with a set of killer licensed gaming headphones for an excellent price point. The Astro Dying Light A40 Headset is now available from the company’s web shop. The A40s are customizable with optional magnetic tags featuring artwork from […]

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Dying Light Release Pushed back to Feb 2015

by GamerFitnationon May 8, 2014
By: Michael Arrietta Developer Techland(Dead Island series) announced today that Dying Light, the open-world survival zombie killer, will not be released until February 2015. They took the time to explain the delay is a result of a dedication to their original vision, and the few extra months will allow them to deliver a game without any […]
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Techland Announces Co-Op Slasher Hellraid Will Release on PS4/Xbox One

by GamerFitnationon April 30, 2014
By: Michael Arrietta Dead Island developer Techland has announced via a new trailer that their first-person hack’n’slash co-op game Hellraid is now being developed for next-gen consoles and PC. Previously it was being developed for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC with an expected release date of 2014, but now it will launch on PS4 and […]